Spring 2022

We have planned some interesting new modules based on the feedback that we got at the end of our first year.

Moving forward now, we have come up with new ways to reach language teachers with our existing and exciting new content. We want to deepen our engagement with some of the key topics we worked with last year.

  • Firstly, we have revisited the topic of our very first CIRCLE module, Grammar Teaching—when? why? how? The question of whether and how language-focused teaching is useful to develop both explicit language knowledge and implicit language knowledge is central to language teaching, and we have now invited two experienced language teachers to join us in a video conversation on a new module page, Teachers talking about teaching grammar. Join a live conversation with us on Thursday 17 February at 16:00-17:00 (Swedish time) to talk about (among other topics):
    • whether translation activities might serve a purpose in language-focused learning;
    • working with language-focused learning in linguistically diverse classes;
    • whether it would be helpful to have more guidance on what structures and vocabulary to cover in different language courses;
    • the role for language learning of grammatical awareness in the learners’ first language.
  • Secondly, we are revisiting the perennial topic of vocabulary development, this time to focus on Vocabulary Priorities. We are thrilled to have recorded an interview with Professor Averil Coxhead from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand on this topic. Many of you will be familiar with her early work on the Academic Word List, and her continuing work on vocabulary, some of which is on this module page. This interview will join the readings on the page as soon as possible, and we want to invite you to join a live conversation on Thursday 24 March at 16:00–17:00 (Swedish time) on the topic of which vocabulary to prioritise for learners, and how to work with vocabulary development.
  • There will be a third live conversation on Thursday 28 April, and a fourth on Thursday 19 May, at the same time (Swedish time). Save the dates! We will be in touch as the content develops!

No need to register for the live conversations, just turn up to the usual Zoom link. Mail circle.did@su.se if you don’t have it.