Ask a language educator!

Language teaching is complex, and many situations arise in classroom teaching that are worth discussing with others. We see many interesting topics popping up in various groups on social media, or being discussed in teacher lounges that we visit. Visiting our teacher students in their school placements, we often come into conversation with our students and their school-based supervisors about problematic issues in the classes, in planning, or in assessment. Also, teachers who take our online advanced-level courses are often looking for answers and find a place to raise matters they have found difficult.

We want to offer a forum for these discussions where teachers, teacher students and teacher educators can meet, and find a research-based perspective that might shed light on how to proceed. A team of Stockholm University’s language educators is ready now to receive your questions and thoughts about the teaching of English and other languages in schools or elsewhere. You can ask questions in the moderated forum at the bottom of this page, by mailing, or by writing in our Facebook group. You can be anonymous if you choose.

Bring it on!

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